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Introduction to line marking

Line marking is primarily for conveying official information and is associated with road surface marking, pavement marking as well as the marking of sport pitch lines. Furthermore, it is a practice that has been around for many years and is still much relevant to our world today. For example, without line markings, we wouldn’t be able to drive on the road due to the fact that their would be total confusion and mass panic as to whom has the right of way at an intersection and what not. Moreover, in today’s day and age there are tons of companies whom are contracted or hired to provide the public with correct line markings using certain line marking materials and machines.


Line marking materials

Line marking Melbourne companies or businesses use both non-permanent and permanent marking materials. The non-permanent materials include powder (a chalk based product mainly for grass surfaces), all weather surface compounds (special dry compounds) or liquids (water based paints/emulsions). On the other hand, permanent marking materials are paint, aerosols, tapes (plastic) and red rock pitch line.


Line marking machines

There are various machines that line markers use to get the job done and they come in a variety or shapes, sizes and systems. First and foremost is the dry line marker which is considered the best method/machine for producing line markings. Next is the transfer wheel marker which unfortunately is not very effective in wet or muddy conditions. Third is the belt transfer maker which produces very good line markings but like the transfer wheel maker, does not produce positive results in muddy conditions. Second to last is the spray jet marker which is not suitable for artificial or hard indoor surfaces but performs well on all other surfaces. Last but not least is the aerosol markers which are very simple and effective line markers and come in various designs. They are mainly used on tarmac and artificial grounds.