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How To Efficiently Manage A Bathroom Renovation Project


Even though bathrooms are generally the smallest rooms in a home, this small space can be difficult to renovate. The size of the bathroom presents a lot of challenges, not to mention the various utilities that ran into the area. During a bathroom renovation, there are several things to address. Plumbing needs to be considered, along with electrical, tile, counter tops, and cabinetry.


Remodelling a bathroom can get done efficiently, if it is completed in a step by step fashion. One task must be tackled before moving onto the next. You want to schedule your renovation project properly, or you may cause delays in receiving the final project. This can be inconvenient if you have a specified timeline that you need your remodel completed by.


Renovation projects can be done in a DIY fashion, if you have the knowledge and skills to complete the remodel on your own. Most people, may have skills in some areas of remodelling, but will require a licensed professional to complete the latter. Choosing a professional to do the work that you are unable to do yourself can be stressful.


How To Choose A Project Manager For Your Renovation


Deciding who you want to oversee your renovation is going to depend on your renovation needs. You can choose to use a bathroom designer such as to come in and tell you how the layout of the room should be. The designers main purpose in the operation is to make the space aesthetically appealing. A general contractor is another professional you can choose to employ.


Most general contractors will possess an adequate amount of knowledge in all facets of renovating, allowing you to save money on hiring other outside professionals. The contractor may perform as a project manager or a lead on the project.


Bring In The Professionals


Renovating your bathroom is going to require the help and assistance of professionals. You can opt to be the general contractor working on the renovation project, but doing so can be difficult. When hiring other professionals to come assist with the project, always do your research. You want to ensure that their work can be trusted and that they carry some type of license to perform the tasks you need completed.


Plumbers- One thing that you should never do when renovating your bathroom is your plumbing. The only exception is if you are a licensed plumber. It is best to outsource these tasks to someone who is equipped to handle any problems that may arise.


Electricity- Behind the walls of every bathroom are a series of wires that run to your lights and wall sockets. Electricity is dangerous to work with, and if you are not trained you could hurt yourself. There may need to be new sockets or wiring moved to a new location during your renovation, so source this job out to a professional.


Tile and Cabinets- Laying tile can be a tedious task. If you are not up for the challenge, this can be outsourced along with the cabinetry work.


Managing your bathroom remodel is going to depend on several things. Time is going to be a big problem. If you have a full-time job then you will not be able to be around for the entire renovation. Make sure that you have a professional crew working on renovating the important details of the room. Details such as plumbing and electrical should always be handled by a professional.